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 3 Most Important Tips for Muscle Car Maintenance

3 Most Important Tips for Muscle Car Maintenance

No matter what muscle car you buy, you will have to shell out a lot of money for maintenance. Some cars require it more than others. Can you skip on the vehicle’s maintenance needs? Not if you want it to remain the powerful muscle car you originally purchased. Muscle cars are fun despite the price tag and inconvenience of owning one. As you may already know, you’re going to come across several obstacles to enjoy it, but one you can check off your list is finding an auto wiring shop for wiring harness repairs and components. Just reach out to the team at American Auto/Marine Wiring (AAMW).

We have made custom auto wiring harnesses for over 40 years and we offer a lifetime warranty on all automotive harnesses. Nobody does boat and auto wiring better than we do.

Take it on the Road 

A good way to maintain your muscle car is to take it out on the road for a long drive. We know that parking your car in the garage, cleaning it, and staring at its beauty is more than enough to bring you satisfaction. However, it will age much faster if you have it cooped up in the garage. As a result, it’s recommended to take it out for a spin to reduce the risk of damage, such as fluid leaks, dried-out rubber components, and sealants, among other forms of damage. 

So, let it be more than a showpiece. Even if you don’t plan on driving it daily, try to drive it a few times a month.

Store it Correctly 

While you shouldn’t leave your muscle car in the garage all year long, if you do have a garage, this is a good place to store it. As you may know, classic cars need to be covered properly to avoid damage from the elements. You don’t have to worry about cold weather causing mechanical issues in South Florida, but you do need to worry about excessive sun exposure causing the paint to fade, while the humidity and rain can cause rust (more on that later). 

If you don’t have a garage, purchase a classic car cover – in fact, you should buy one even if you do park your car inside.

Rust Maintenance 

Not all maintenance should go towards the appearance of your car, but some of it should. After all, keeping it beautiful is part of the fun – not to mention part of maintaining its value. To ensure it stays beautiful, you must be able to keep the rust away. Using a preventative approach is your best strategy when dealing with rust, as it’s much easier to keep rust at bay than it is to remove it. Additionally, if you don’t apply preventative measures, rust could form without your knowledge and can quickly spread. Keep your muscle car rust-free by:

  • Ensuring it is always dry 
  • Thoroughly washing off mud 
  • Applying a wax coat for a waterproof layer 

Get Professional Inspections 

Making sure your muscle car runs efficiently is something of a hobby, so it makes sense if you want to do most of the heavy lifting yourself. Nevertheless, like any other vehicle, it’s important to schedule regular maintenance checks by a professional who is experienced with muscle cars. A good mechanic will be able to catch issues you may not have known were there. Routine check-ups are another preventative strategy to avoid paying a lot for costly repairs.

Of course, you should also take your car to a mechanic when you suspect something is wrong. For example, if you see the “check engine” light has recently come on, a professional can determine the cause. In some cases, it can be an electrical wiring harness failure. If that’s the case, you will need to get it resolved quickly, as a wiring harness is a crucial component of your vehicle. Our team specializes in custom wiring harnesses for auto and marine applications. Visit us for complete bumper-to-bumper wiring restoration.

Contact American Auto/Marine Wiring 

Muscle car maintenance is so comprehensive, it can feel like a full-time job. The most important thing is to keep up with a preventative maintenance strategy and rely on the expertise of professionals when the time comes. Contact our auto wiring shop in Pompano Beach for quality and dependability. Call (954) 782-0193 to schedule an appointment.