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 7 Tricks for a Custom Automotive Wiring Harness You Wish You Knew Before

7 Tricks for a Custom Automotive Wiring Harness You Wish You Knew Before

One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle is to keep its wiring in good condition. This means regularly checking for exposed or frayed wires and ensuring that your car’s electrical system is up to date.

Here are seven tricks for the custom automotive wiring harness you should know.

1. Use Crimped or Soldered Connections

Whether connecting two wires or attaching a wire to a connector, it’s always best to use a crimped or soldered connection. This will create a stronger connection than just using bare wire. It will also help prevent exposed wires from causing shorts.

2. Have a Compatible Harness

Make sure the harness is well-suited for your car’s alternator. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your alternator or causing other electrical issues. Custom-made automotive wiring harness are available for most makes of cars, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that will work with your vehicle.

3. Check the Expandability

If you’re planning on adding extra accessories to your car, ensure the wiring harness is expandable. This allows you to easily add new accessories without having to rewire the entire car. To add a circuit, you’ll need to connect the new accessory’s wire to an unused circuit in the fuse box.

4. Use the Real Copper Wiring

If you have the choice between using real copper wire or copper-plated wire, always go with the real thing. Copper-plated wires are cheaper but not as good at conducting electricity as real copper wires. The voltage drop across a copper-plated wire will be higher than it would be for a real copper wire of the same size.

5. Use Heat Shrink Tubing

If you’re worried about exposed wires causing shorts, use heat shrink tubing to cover any exposed wire. A custom wire harness automotive option is available with heat shrink tubing already installed, or you can buy it separately and install it yourself. Heat shrink tubing will insulate the wire and protect it from the elements.

6. Confirm Adequate Grounding

A good ground connection is essential for any electrical system, especially for a custom automotive wiring harness. Ensure the grounding wire is attached to a clean, bare metal surface. If you’re unsure where to ground the wire, consult the car’s wiring illustration.

7. Check the Wire Gauge

If you’re using a larger wire gauge, ensure the amperage rating is high enough to handle the current. A small wire gauge can cause a hot start, damaging the starter and solenoid. The wire gauge should be appropriate for the amperage rating of the circuit. Custom wire harness automotive options are available in various gauges, so finding the right one should be easy.

Keep these tricks in mind to keep your car’s electrical system up to par so that your car will start reliably every time. Contact American Auto/Marine Wiring anytime your car needs electrical repairs. We offer a wide selection of custom-made automotive wiring harness that will fit any vehicle.