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 Common Wiring Harness Issues and What You Can Do

Common Wiring Harness Issues and What You Can Do

One of the most common wiring issues is that it can be difficult to identify the problem and fix it. Many people call professionals in Pompano Beach, Florida, to resolve their custom wiring issues. Discussed below are common wiring harness issues and how you can address them. 

1. Loose Wiring Connectors

Several issues can cause loose wiring connectors. Occasionally, loose wiring connectors are caused by a loose connection in the harness itself. However, the problem is usually relatively simple to fix in this case. If you experience loose connections in your wiring and you find that the connections are tight when you touch them to your finger, then it may be time to replace your entire harness. 

If you have replaced your entire wiring and the problem persists, then one of the wires in the new system may have gotten disconnected from its corresponding connector on your car’s engine bay. If this is true, replacing that wire with an identical replacement will completely solve your problem. 

2. Pulled Wires in Your Custom Auto Wiring System

Several things can cause pulled wires in your custom wiring system. The most common issue is a faulty connection on the harness itself. This is usually easy to fix, as there are usually two or three connectors that connect to one of the wires in the harness. If one of these connectors needs to be replaced, remove the old connector and install a new one.  

However, if you find that there are no connectors that need replacing, then you may have pulled a wire from your wiring system. In this case, it is possible to repair this problem by simply inserting a piece of electrical tape into the hole where the wire was removed from its connector. 

3. Wires Sticking Out of Custom Wiring System

If you are experiencing wires sticking out of your wiring system, one of two things may be the cause. The first possibility is that a wire has been accidentally cut during your wiring system installation. In this case, remove the damaged wire from its connector and install a new one.  

The other possibility is that a wire has become broken or frayed during the installation process. If this is true, replace all or part of the broken wire with a new piece of wire by cutting it to length and then using electrical tape to secure it in place. 

4. Wires That Are Bent or Twisted

If you find that one of your custom automotive wires is bent or twisted, then you may have a problem. The best way to avoid this issue is to ensure that you take the time to properly and carefully install your wires before they are used. If they are not installed correctly, they will become kinked or bent and will not work as intended. 

As you can see, several common issues can occur when installing custom auto wires. If you run into any of these problems, it may be time to replace them. However, if you have a wire that is not connecting to its connector or is falling out of its harness, then it is likely that your installation was not as perfect as you would have liked. Consider contacting professionals from American Auto Marine Wiring in Pompano Beach, Florida.