Car Wiring and Custom Wiring Harnesses

American Auto/Marine Wiring, Inc., specializes in custom wiring harnesses for auto and marine applications. We have wired numerous award-winning antique and classic cars high-performance automobiles and power boats. You may ship us your automobile or boat for complete bumper to bumper wiring restoration.

When wiring your car, great effort is made to hide as much of the harness as possible. Any wiring that is exposed is always very neatly displayed, with perfect 90° turns and nice straight lines. We also offer the best in street rod kits for the do-it-yourself enthusiast. If you prefer a custom-built wire harness to serve your exact needs, we can create a harness based on a wiring pattern you supply. Quality and dependability are our top priorities.

  • Double-insulation with tape and heat resistant corrugated conduit
  • Quick-disconnect plugs
  • Plugs with Water Tight Deutsch Plug Connectors, just like the ones used in military harnesses
  • All regular ring or spade terminals are covered with a durable epoxy-lined heat shrink, increasing wire longevity integrity
  • The best wire money can buy: 600 volt tin-coated copper with 1015 mills thickness of irradiated 125° C insulation
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on all automotive wiring

To see some examples of our quality work, please visit our photo gallery.

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Auto Dash:


1985 GMC High Sierra Dash Section:

1985 GMC High Sierra Engine:

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