Wire Harness Supplier for Don Smith Power Boats, Inc.

This 45-foot open sport fish can cruise at 55 mph all day, all night for hundreds of miles.

American Auto/Marine Wiring, Inc. supplies the wire harness design and engineering for Don Smith Power Boats, Inc.

The Zero Draft and Powervent drive systems are the latest in state-of-the-art surface drive systems. A.A.M.W. is also the sole wiring company for these vessels as well.

As these 4-Play examples indicate, A.A.M.W. can build a professional marine wiring harness to your exact needs and specifications. You may ship us your automobile or boat for complete bow to stern wiring harness design, engineering and installations. We install and rigg electronics, custom stereos, complete vessel rigging, plumbing, paint & fiberglass, upholstery design & refurbishing, canvas work & covers, complete restoration on most all your needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

When wiring any auto or boat, great effort is made to hide as much of the harness as possible. Any wiring that is exposed is always very neatly displayed, with perfect 90° turns and nice straight lines.

This 37-foot open sport fish has 4 engines with Porta-Bracket and features a 1000-watt stereo.

All marine harnesses feature double-insulation with tape and heat resistant corrugated conduit. Quick-disconnect plugs are installed on all components for easy replacement. For our plugs we use only the best watertight connectors, as used in today’s military harnesses. All regular ring or spade terminals are always covered with a durable epoxy-lined heat shrink, increasing wire longevity. We use only the finest wire money can buy: 600 volt tin-coated copper with 1015 mills thickness of irradiated 125° C insulation. There is a 5 year warranty on all marine wiring.

Another 4-Play Power Boat which was custom wired by A.A.M.W. president Philip Schultz.

Our company has wired several A.P.B.A. power boats, including two First Place winners who went on to be World Champions in their class. In this business, you don’t wire professional racing machines or do work for Disney unless you’re the very best!

For more information, call A.A.M.W. at (954) 782-0193 or send email to info@customwiring.com.